Posted 2 hours ago

Orange Wheat Ale - Venice Beach Beer

Posted 2 days ago

Double Down Under - @bigdogsbrewing #DIPA #beer #drinklocal

Posted 3 days ago

Black Nitro - Amager/Grass Roots collaboration


Edit: Black IPA
Posted 3 days ago

Tumblr not showing Instagram photos

What is up with tumblr no longer showing Instagram photos?
Looks like EVERY external is a link now?

<Raj accent> That is some lame shit dude </Raj accent>

Posted 4 days ago

Rico Sauvin - Against the Grain brewery #beer #IPA

Posted 5 days ago

Citra Session IPA - Green Flash - Look at me drinking a session beer, no hell has not frozen over.

Posted 6 days ago

Aun Mas Cafe Jesus - Evil Twin #beer #stout #thick

Posted 1 week ago

Hop the Pond - New Belgium #beer #IPA

Posted 1 week ago

Imperial Doughnut Break - Evil Twin

An 11.5% ABV stout that is so good like a great dessert.
Posted 2 weeks ago

30th Street - Green Flash - SD beer in a #Chargers mug Go #Bolts